Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby and You

It's Spring and there are new mommies among us. Pilates is excellent for keeping you in shape before and after pregnancy. Movements can be modified as your body changes over time. Most importantly, stability workouts such as Pilates are important as your center of gravity changes.

Your low back will start to curve more as your belly increases in size which causes the low back to tighten up to support the extra weight. Your chest starts to close more in the front so extension work is essential to counter this. Your ribs, abs and pelvic floor stretch to make room for the baby as he/she grows. Pilates works to keep you strong and healthy before, during and after pregnancy.

Suggested Exercises:
  • Ped-a-pole standing arms (modified seated w/hand weights)
  • Magic Circle arm/leg work (standing or seated for posture)
  • 100's against wall standing
  • Standing balance work (calf raises, footwork on half foam roll, weight shifts)
  • Chair: Footwork, Seated/Kneeling Side Bends, Lunges
  • Reformer: Seated Box Arms, Short Box Series, Long/Down Stretch, Stomach Massage
  • Barrel: Ballet Stretches, Side Sit Ups
A great site to check out is Pilates for Mommies. This goes into greater detail for those trainers or future moms who want the details of how the female body changes over time.