Saturday, June 19, 2010

Field Trip: Gyrotonics

As part of my Pilates training in Santa Fe, New Mexico I had the wonderful chance to experience a private Gyrotonics lesson taught by Master Trainer Celia Hulton owner of Gyrotonic Santa Fe.

My lesson took place in an upstairs studio on a Pulley Tower combination machine (shown at left). A former gymnast guided me through an array of fluid movements with resistance much as you would experience in water. Compared to Pilates which focuses on two dimensional work, the exercises are more three dimensional circular movements. This helps to release your joints and work all the smaller muscles of the body. I found my Pilates background knowledge assisted me in progressing through the lesson at a more intermediate rate (scooping and breathing were the same).

Throughout, I felt relaxed yet mentally challenged by the stability required throughout. We started with more upper body rotation work steaming from moving in my hips and finished with lower body feet in straps. Many of the exercises felt more open than is allowed in Pilates which let me stretch and strengthen in a new way. My only issue was that the machine seemed bulky, however I learned all parts are adjustable to fit any client.

For those that already do Pilates I would recommend experiencing the world of Gyrotonics. Its a wonderful supplement to any workout no matter your age. The cost is equal to that of a Pilates lesson (group classes also available), however locations may be more of a challenge to locate. Perhaps one day I will pursue this training or Gyrokinesis (more stool/floor work based) to enhance my education.