Thursday, December 20, 2012


With the holidays approaching and the New Year around the corner its time to set goals this year that you can and will achieve.  Make sure they are SMART!

Specific: What is the exact outcome you want?  Dream big and you will make it!  Learn why this goal is attractive and that will be your driving force in achieving it.
Measurable: Do you care more about the number on the scale or what size clothes you fit into?  What time do you want to be able to run a mile in?  The more you can track your progress the better.  

Attainable: Was there a time in your life you did weigh 150lbs?  Explore lifestyle changes, road blocks and budget restraints.  Obstacles can lead to opportunities of growth.     

Realistic: How can this goal be reached?  What steps will be taken?  Sometimes setting up smaller goals to reach this bigger goal is a great idea.

Timely: This goal needs a deadline...4 weeks, 3 months, 1yr? your wedding day? birthday?

Examples of "good" goals:

  • I want to do well in my classes.
  • I want to loose weight.
  • I want to run a 5K race.
  • I want to build up my savings account.

Examples of "SMART"goals:

  • I will earn a 3.0 GPA this year with no grade below a B.
  • I will be in a size 4 dress by my wedding day with the help of my personal trainer.
  • I will run a 5K Turkey Trot in less than a half hour.
  • I will have $5,000 in savings in the bank by the end of 2013.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Break It Down: Monkey

Feel graceful and elegant in the Cadillac version of Monkey.  Flexibility if a must when it comes to achieving this cool down exercise.

Photo by Jonathan Ment, 
used by permission of Rhinebeck Pilates.

Purpose- stretches back/hamstrings

Preps- Open Leg Rocker, Tendon Stretch, Tree, Roll Up

Form- nose to knees, relaxed shoulders, stay heavy in your bones, hands and feet securely on bar (teachers should spot), head hangs off mat before you begin

*Avoid if you have low back issues such as disc injuries, sciatica, or osteoporosis.  Might be too compact of a position for most men.

Modify- don't straighten legs fully

How to Advance- add point/flex of toes at top, pull chest to ankles to get deeper