About Me

In high school, fall of 2004 I had an internship class and discovered Poise Pilates studio in downtown Northville.  I started off as their intern for a semester.  Later this progressed to a part time receptionist position which included the perk of free classes.  I soon learned that there was more than just mat work like in the DVDs I had tried previously.

What was your Pilates "a-ha" moment?
My instructor said, "Use your breath and belly, otherwise you're not going anywhere".  She was right!  That's when I learned how important the principles of breathing and scooping were to all exercises in Pilates.  You master those and you can do anything.

Santa Fe, NM Core Dynamics PilatesTraining w/Michele Larsson, 2009

What sparked you to become an instructor?
After going away to college at MSU I realized it was time to get serious about Pilates and pursue my certification.  During summers I mentored at Poise and traveled to weekend workshops in Chicago and Santa Fe where I learned the details that go into the technique and teaching.  In the spring of 2009 I graduated college and completed my Pilates training.  In January 2013, working at Life Time Fitness, I completed my Peak Pilates Level 1 Certification to enhance my education.

What names in the Pilates community have you learned from/worked with?
Michele Larsson (Core Dynamics), Margarette Raymond (Red Dance Pilates), Virginia Nicholas (Moving Breath Pilates Studio), Ceila Hulton, Brett Howard (USPA), Jamie White (USPA), Linda Reiff (Fletcher Pilates), Scott Pilates workshops, Jenna Anderson, Simona Cipriani, Sonje Mayo (Peak Pilates), Benjamin Degenhardt (360° Pilates), Courtney Miller   

Novi Michigan Club Pilates staff 2013

How long have you been teaching?
have been t
eaching since January 2008 and find it such a joy everyday to have a career I love.  My job keeps me active and has allowed me to meet and work with some amazing individuals.  

Staff at Poise Pilates in Northville, MI 
w/client Canadian Olympic Ice Dancer Gold Medalist Tessa Virtue, 2010

What types of clients do you work with?
My clients have ranged in ability from athletes such as NFL football Lions players and Olympic ice dancers to those with physical limitations such as knee/hip replacements, scoliosis, and spinal fusions.  I have also worked with a wide age span from high school students to grandparents.

What is on your "Bucket List"?
Write a novel, do a trapeze act, write calligraphy, travel (Hawaii, Paris, Australia, California, Alaska), learn to paddle board, dance the tango...

Favorite quote:
"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." -English Proverb

Why do you continue to take Pilates?  What has it helped you accomplish?
Personally, Pilates continues to  narrow my rib cage, help me maintain proper posture, and be internally strong.  I have ran a few 5K, 10K, half marathons, and the two full marathons with my first being the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October 2012 all thanks to my wonderful Pilates body.  I hope to be able to train for a triathlon in the future.  You too can benefit from all Pilates has to offer!  

2011 Lansing River Run Half Marathon
What other forms of fitness do you teach?
I am certified in Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch through the local YMCA's.  Also I am an ACE Personal Trainer, certified in Vipr, Trigger Point Therapy, Booty Barre training, Skyrobics, Power plate and TRX.  
In 2017, I became a nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition in order to provide my clients with a full approach to health and wellness.  I teach lifestyle changes such as mindfully chewing slower or meal prep pointers in order to promote long term results. 

Plymouth Core Sport Team, 2011