Learn how to be confident in how to nourish your body...
Learn how to find pleasure in food again (cooking or eating out)...
Learn how to fuel your workout and not get hung up on how many calories you have to burn today...

Through the use of 12 Nutrition Properties and guided coaching you will find more balance in life and see results beyond your regular workout routine.  Best of all you will form new lifestyle habits that will re-train both your mind and body!

12 Nutrition Priorities
  1. Multivitamin & EFAs everyday
  2. Eat slowly
  3. Stop eating at 80% full
  4. Get enough protein
  5. Eat more vegetables
  6. Eat more frequently
  7. Control carbs
  8. Record what you eat and drink daily
  9. Stay well hydrated
  10. Eat the right fats
  11. Get the proper amount of fiber each day
  12. Focus on whole foods

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