Monday, April 4, 2011

TRX/Pilates Fusion

TRX exercises can help make your Pilates workouts stronger and vice versa.  It is also a good way to add variety to class for more advanced clients.  Both forms of fitness (TRX and Pilates) focus on the core, strength and stability.  Get creative with your workouts and see amazing benefits when you blend the two together.  Here are some examples:

  • Ab Series of 5 or 100s: feet or hands in the straps at mid calf length

  • Bridging/Pelvis Press: mid calf length
  • Standing Cadillac Arms such as Circles or Butterfly (see video for reference):  mid length
  • Atomic Push Ups/Pikes: mid calf length

  • Boomerang (Click for video demo): mid calf length
  • TRX Squats (Ballet Leg work + pulses, Russian Squats): mid length
  • Teaser: hands or feet in loops, add in a twist at the top, mid calf length

  • Side Planks/Hip Dips: mid/mid calf length

  • Curl Ups/Roll Ups: resisted or assisted, mid calf length
  • Oblique Leg Raise (Tick Tock/Corkscrew): mid calf length
  • Body Saw (prep for Long Stretch): mid calf length
Want to learn more about how TRX and Pilates compliment each other?  Click here


  1. Really interesting... I have seen something similar in yoga classes,but it looked more like an elastic blanket used to enhance the Yoga poses =)

  2. Thank you all for reading! I love to inspire people to come up with new ways to workout at home on their own or even for fitness trainers looking to assist their clients be more successful in/out of the studio.