Saturday, March 19, 2011

DVD Review: Kick Abs Pilates Workout by Virginia Nicholas

Virginia Nicholas is a wonderful, well experienced Pilates instructor who owns Moving Breath Pilates in Tempe, AZ and teachers as part of Pilates Core Integration Teacher Training Program (PCI).  I had the pleasure of having a private workout from her while nearby on vacation.  She is very hands-on and taught at an invigorating pace.  She has now come out with a handful of DVDs that are highly educational and well executed.    

"Kick Abs Pilates Workout" is an advanced mat routine that can be completed in a little over a half hour.  You are cued through all the moves in the traditional style of Pilates just as you would be in a class setting.  The best part about the DVD is the beautiful transitions and combination moves.  They are sure to test your coordination as well as endurance!

I personally would have enjoyed a longer workout, yet the moves are challenging.  Great for any instructor or elite student for at home use.  Also check out her spine corrector or chair DVDs (sold online) to spice up any private or class.

Click here for more Pilates DVDs to add to your collection. 


  1. This is the best traveler's companion! I take this with me to remain in shape and relieve stress. Virginia's easy instructions provide a portable means to shape your body well and stay in shape. Great job, Virginia!

  2. I own several Pilates DVDs from many different companies/instructors. Virginia's work is really some of the best out there. Her sensible verbal cueing and the technical proficiency of the models really get at the nuance of the Pilates technique -- which is so difficult to do in a video recording. Beyond all that, her choreography is just super fun. The Kick Abs DVD is a hoot and really challenging. It's the one I go to when I want to WORK. Trust me, you'll never be the same after that progressive Teaser!

  3. Where can I purchase this DVD?! I can't find it. Thank you!

  4. Virginia's studio website:
    Click on "SHOP" at the top in red and find it there...

  5. Virginia should watch her own videos more often, she is in the worst shape for a Pilates Instructor,I had a private lesson with Virginia at her studio and I was NOT impressed,her studio is OLD, the equipment at her studio is outdated, her bathroom is filthy, not impressed at all. She looks like she is 5 months pregnant, How could I be inspired to get in shape with an instructor that looks like that?