Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pilates DVD Queue

We all can't make it to class or the studio as often as we would like, so videos are an option to ensure you get a workout into your schedule. Here's some Pilates DVDs out there for you or your loved ones to add to your collection this holiday season:

  • Balance Ball for Weight Loss (Gaiam)
Pilates taken to the balance ball gives you a more advanced workout. You can chose to do only a few sections if you are short on time or the full hour. Requires you purchasing a ball for home, but is well worth the results for those that want to take Pilates to the next level.

  • Rael Pilates System 17
Well experienced Rael leads you in a challenging mat workout with beautiful cuing. You will stretch and tone your way to the body of a graceful dancer in less than an hour. A little more advanced than his System 7, but not as challenging as System 27.

  • Winsor Piates: 20 Minute Workout
For those who have a busy schedule and are looking for a nice complement outside of regular classes. Modifications are shown, but this is more for someone with some prior mat Pilates background. The side leg series section is a personal favorite of mine.

  • Classical Pilates Technique with consideration of the Neck & Back
Classical mat workouts that shows modifications for those with neck and back issues. Great for those who want to learn safe exercises to practice at home. There is even a "Pre-Pilates" section which takes you through the movements in detailed precision.

  • Pilates for Every Body (Denise Austin)
For those who prefer more of an aerobic pace (or Denise Austin). She incorporates the use of resistance bands and a chair or wall for added props to add variety. Not the best with instruction of Pilates principles or modifications though unfortunantely.

  • Stott Pilates: Fitness Circle Challenge
A magic circle is a great addition to your at home routine and this video is educational to boot. In a little over a half hour you will get toned in a full body mat routine. Stott has wonderful instructional videos and this is no exception.

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