Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sexy Swimsuit Legs

The side leg series is one of the best to tone your legs for the summer swimsuit season ahead. Typically during a class your instructor will teach you 3-4 different versions for each side (this prevents overworking the muscles for a more toned look).

You can do this series lying all the way down on your forearm, propped on your elbow or kneeling on your side for an extra challenge. Throughout make sure your hips stay stacked on one another in line with your shoulders. Focus on working your bottom oblique and lengthening through your top hip. Legs should be slightly in front of your hips in a banana like shape with your torso.

A traditional series would include Side Leg Kick, Lower/Lift and Circles. Other variations to try adding in are Bicycle, Ronde de Jambe, Scissors, Banana (double leg lifts), or Hot Potato. Use of a resistance band, ball or circle can be used for an extra challenge.

Click here to see a video to start getting the booty you deserve!

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