Sunday, September 26, 2010

Break It Down: The Hundred (100)

Ready for the 100?  Say what?  If you are new to Pilates, the phrase "the hundred" is one exercise term you will hear in every session.  It is one of those staple warm up exercises that never goes away.  Yet it is also one of the most complex and varied.  No matter how long you have done Pilates, 100's is an exercise that will continue to progress as you get stronger.  Let's break down the exercise:  

Purpose- to coordinate breath with movement, stability in the core, increase your lung capacity

Preps- Curl Ups, Progressive Breathing, Knee Sways

Form: stabilizing in curled up position with legs at point of control, pump arms at sides like resisting through water, breathing inhales for 5 counts and exhales for 5 counts for 10 sets (100 breaths total)

Modifications- head/legs can stay on mat, increase the length of the inhale, knees in shelf (or can cross at ankles)  

How to Advance- lengthen  legs at point of control (ideally at eye level if strong enough in core), add in prop like circle/ball in ankles, perform on all pieces of equipment 

Challenges- breathe inhales of 3 and exhales of 7, add leg lower/lifts with breath pattern, slow down counting for more stability

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