Monday, December 5, 2011

Break It Down: Open Leg Rocker

Take the challenge of the Open Leg Rocker as Joe demos below.  

Purpose- rid the body of toxins, prep for Teaser, massage the spine

Preps- Rolling like a Ball, Spine Stretch Forward, Roll Up, Bridging, Hamstring stretches

Form- maintain the same shape throughout, lift sternum and lengthen spine when balancing, hold onto knees/ankles, gaze at toes

* May not be appropriate for those with tailbone discomfort or those with low back problems such as disc injuries or fusion.

Modifications- hold back of knees/thighs instead of ankles, rock back and forth without balancing, practice balancing while you bend/straighten your legs

How to Advance- hold onto ankles, squeeze ball in ankles 

Challenges- magic circle in ankles, legs tight together, transition to full Teaser + balancing twists

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