Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beautiful Skin through Food

The harshness of winter can bring along dry, dull skin but if you learn to eat the right foods this can be avoided.  Stop paying for costly creams and start planning meals and snacks to keep your body hydrated!  Here are some simple ingredients to add to your grocery list:  

Avocados- biotin and helpful oils to prevent brittle skin/nails/hair, repairs cells, try this avocado-turkey wrap (pictured below)

Sunflower seeds or Almonds- loaded with vitamin E to protect against sun damage, aim for a handful daily

*Tip: foods high in alcohol, sugar or caffeine which dehydrate your skin

Spinach- rich in antioxidants and lutein to keep your eyes healthy, also contains iron & vitamin E, add some to your salads or pizza

Dark Chocolate- 70% or more, contains epicatechin which increases blood flow to skin, 1 oz. daily

Yogurt- a good source for calcium to help your teeth & nails, make a parfait for dessert or use it in salad dressing

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