Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Break It Down: Short Spine Massage

One of the best spinal massages, Short Spine Massage is a favorite of most clients.  It helps to warm up the body and take pressure off the low back.  You strength and flexibility will improve quickly when you progress to this exercise.

Purpose- stretch the back, prep for more advanced moves such as the Roll Over, massage the spine, strengthen the low abs

Preps- Bridges, Frogs/Leg Circles, Leg Springs, Rolling like a Ball

Form- head rest is always down, no weight on the neck, begin and end in a Frog, sequence through spine on roll down of back at end, gaze at the ceiling, weight between shoulder blades, feet in short loops

*May not be appropriate for those with neck issues, hip replacements or low back injuries where flexion is not well tolerated.

Modifications- only roll part way up, break it down into smaller sections like Frog and hip lifts, spot client at feet to help them lift up easier

How to Advance- different variation such as lowering in a ball shape or keeping feet up while lowering spine only first, flow from one into the next

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