Friday, March 14, 2014

Grueling Foam Roller Workout

It's good to mix up a class format and use an unstable surface for a challenge.  The foam roller is a versatile tool that can mix up any fitness or Pilates session.  Below is my favorite format for an intermediate/advanced student (10-15mins):

  1. Bridges (roll under feet)
    1. Hip roll/lifts
    2. Oblique hip lowers
    3. Hinge at hips
    4. Marching w/bent knees
    5. Single Leg Versions- Leg lower/lifts, Hip roll/lifts, Leg circles
  2. Leg Pull Back (roll under calves)
    1. Hip lifts/holds
    2. Leg lifts (same side or alternate)
  3. Forearm Planks (roll under forearms)
    1. Balance Sticks/Cat and Cow
    2. Modified/full planks
    3. Leg lifts
    4. Scapula slides
  4. Extension/Swan (on belly, roll under wrists)
    1. Shrugs/Swans
    2. Heel beats
    3. Swimming (prep or alternate arm/leg lifts than full version)
    4. Child's pose (stretch)
  5. Push Ups (roll under quads or shins)
    1. Push Ups
    2. Knee Under/Pike ups
    3. Alternate (push up and knee under)
    4. Mountain Climbers 
  6. Side Planks (roll under shin, propped on elbow)
    1. Hip Dips
    2. Rainbow top arm/Thread the needle
    3. Leg lifts/hold in Star shape
  7. Palm Pass/Push Ups (roll under one hand)
    1. Holds in modified or full planks
    2. Pass
    3. Push Ups 
    4. Both together (push up than pass it)
The foam roller can also be used for personal massage and stretching.  Learn more by clicking here.

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