Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Group Reformer Add Ins

No matter the level or ability of your clients in a group equipment class setting it is always good to sprinkle in some "extras" which add in some functional balance and posture work.  

Seated Triceps dips off a box or Reformer bed
Image result for standing footwork, pilates

Magic Circle Standing Routine (arms/legs)

Seated Side Bends/Twists/Circle Squeezes

Functional Standing Footwork (Squat to Seated)- drive through your heels, can be modified by doing off the reformer bed to standing or use a wall with hands for balance

Standing Arm Weight Series (or without weight if injured)
or more of a Barre version of Arm Weight Series

Standing Single-Leg Stretch (one legged balance/knee hug ins)

Shoulder Opener swings to help poor computer posture from Jay Grimes video

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