Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Resolutions 2010

It's official! 2010 is upon us leaving everyone in the process of constructing New Year resolutions...including myself. I'm big on reaching goals I set. I currently have a system of writing goals down on note cards I keep at my desk (usually the spot where a picture frame would be) that I look at as a daily reminder. They are diverse and concrete reminders of what I want to accomplish in the future. My current list includes points such as how much money I'd like to save in a year, how fast I want to run a mile and even a reminder to blog once a week.

I have goals for Pilates, but I got to thinking at work one day that I need something more concrete; a way to better measure my success. After over 5 years practicing Pilates and about 2 years instructing its hard to notice the small improvements you make along the way. Your body feels different over time or your clothes fit better. However, I want to set a personal challenge to see how using Pilates props (foam roll and magic circle) at home along with my regular routine can boost up the process.

Goal: Stick to a plan for 90-days to tone up and loose inches through Pilates

Start Date: December 20th
End Date: March 21st

The Plan:
  1. Do the Foam Roll Workout 3x/week (Sun, Tues, Thurs) I found online
  2. Do the Magic Circle Workout 2x/week (Mon, Wed) found in Ellie Herman's book Pilates Props Workbook
  3. Blog every month on how my workouts are going and how my body feels
  4. Continue with my normal weekly routine of Pilates at the studio and running to train for another 5K early next year
  5. Eat what I would on a normal basis without any major alterations
I have done fitness tests in the past when I attended college at Michigan State University and want to use them as a basis of comparison with where I am at now. Keep in mind the '08 stats where taken a year into my training to become a Pilates instructor. Here's my honest measurements as a baseline for this challenge.

Stats as of 10/21/08:
  • Height- 5ft 4in
  • Weight- 145.8lbs
  • BMI- 24.99
  • Waist- 35.4inches
Current Stats as of 12/16/09:
  • Height- 5ft 4in
  • Weight- 140lbs.
  • BMI- 24.03
  • Waist- 31.5inches
  • Bust- 34.5inches
  • Hip- 39inches
  • Thigh- 22.5inches
  • Upper Arm- 11.5inches
After the 90 days I will again take the same measurements and access how my body has changed.

Currently I am feeling a little run down with the holidays approaching and lack of restfull sleep. These past few weeks have kept me busy with a full schedule of clients and social events, but I am excited to start with my new plan for 2010. I invite you to take the challenge along with me or continue reading for updates along the way. Together, let's look forward to a happy, healthy 2010!

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