Saturday, December 26, 2009

At Home Plan Update: Intro

Week 1: This is a challenge! I've done at home workout routines before, but already in the first week I see where this plan is going to get me in the all the tough spots I've been missing. First, let me tell you some alterations I've made to both half hour workouts I've been rotating throughout the week.

Foam roll: I start off with lying down on the roll with some warm ups such as puppet arms, scissors, and circles to loosen my upper body. To keep with a traditional Pilates order I progress to knee folds, abs, bridge work, extensions, push ups, side legs and end with the remaining stretches. This gives the workout more flow and balance. So far, I've kept most movements at a beginner level of one repetition with about 6-8 sets. At the end, if I'm tight from running earlier I use the roll on my legs or IT band for some fascia release.

Magic circle: To give the routine smoother flow in a tradition Pilates order I have kept the workout the same until rolling like a ball. After that I move into the ab series, spine stretch, straight-leg rocker, around the world, extensions, side leg series, hinge curl-down and final three exercises on the list. To complete the routine I do standing side bends and roll downs to even my body out.

Typically, I have shoulders that are rounded forward and the foam roll is already working to open my collar bone. Although, my abs have been sore the next day from those tricky curl ups. Usually I am not a fan of the side leg series but both of these routines keep me mentally focusing on lots of stabilization more than without using props.
My long torso is appreciating the roll over work using the circle to help connect me more to my low belly. I also find the hinge curl-downs to be a great prep for Neck Pull to use with my clients. My overall favorite find has to be the circle pec squeeze (I'm already looking forward to bearing more skin with my New Years Eve outfit!).

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