Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At Home Plan Update: January

I'll be honest, January has not been kind to me and my living schedule has been thrown all over the place. From having free time to working double time for two weeks and even getting sick along the way my body and mind are ready for a vacation down south. My computer also managed to die forcing me to quickly back files up and purchase a new laptop a few months earlier than expected. I thank Pilates for keeping me sane through this month which is far too lengthy having five weeks even though it has the same amount of days as all the other months.

I will admit that my pants are feeling looser (especially in the thigh and hip area of my size 6 jeans) and I peaked at the scale to see to my amazement it was below 140 (yes!). I'd like to see more development in my core, however my obliques are getting stronger. Something is working with these moves getting easier. Stay tuned for more updates on my progress of the New Year's program!

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