Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tall Challenge: Ped-a-Pole

Imagine a skinny piece of equipment not found in many studios whose regular use of a few basic exercises is as effective as a full hour in Pilates terms. Want to look amazing in a strapless dress? Want to have a tall, lean figure? Look no further than the Ped-a-pull (also called Ped-o-Pul or Pedi-Pole depending on manufactuer).

Anyone can use this simplistic piece to focus on stability of their powerhouse muscles. The origional purpose of the Ped-a-pull was to increase lung capacity for opera singers. Today beginners and even pregnant women can experience the benefits. General exercises include standing with your whole spine from heels to crown of the head against a metal pole while holding arm springs. You than press the springs down, to the sides, or in circles. A more advanced version may include adding in leg work by lifting on your toes or squats.

So give the Ped-a-pole a try in your next private and see the amazing results it has to offer!

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