Saturday, August 6, 2011

Things Your Instructor Might Not Tell You

Ever wonder what your instructor is thinking while watching you workout?  Here's some insights you might find interesting:

  1. We can tell what you do for a living by your posture.  Tight hips? Chances are you have a desk job.  Tight calves?  Your job requires you to wear heels.  Rounded shoulders?  You work with computers.  
  2. Clients that have goals will stick to their workouts more often and for a longer period of time than those without.  Write down you goals on paper to make them concrete and make sure you communicate them to your trainer so we can help you reach them.
  3. We give you "homework" for a reason...because you will get results.  Simple at home exercises or stretches in between sessions makes all the difference.
  4. The more you disclose to me (injuries, diet, stress, goals, financial limitations) the more I am able to help guide you in the right direction.  
  5. It's just as hard for me to budget time for workouts and nutritional meals as it is for you.  We trainers have crazy schedules (sometimes more than a 12hr day with random breaks along the way).  I might eat dinner one day at 7pm and the next at 3pm.  We even do half hour sessions between clients to sneak in more activity.
  6. I only instruct you what to do...ultimately you are the one putting in the time and doing it.  You are stronger than you think.  I provide the knowledge and you provide the effort.
  7. We love when you ask questions.  Those lead to teachable moments; even if its in a class setting.  It also lets me know you're paying attention.
  8. My goal each time we meet is to see you sweat.  That doesn't always mean we are doing intense cardio.  It means that I want your body expending everything you have in scooping, stabilizing, squeezing, ect. 
  9. We can tell what sport you did or currently play.  One side stronger than the other?  Baseball, hockey, golf, tennis.  Super flexible?  Dance, gymnastics, martial arts.  
  10. We are completely invested in you because we are a service business.  Without you we don't have a job and are unable to pay the rent. 

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