Sunday, August 14, 2011

Have a Ball!

Ball workouts remind us that its okay to play and enjoying fitness.  Here are some ideas to toss into you workouts to make them more challenging for both your mind and body.

Stability Ball: Great for engaging your core throughout!

  • Seated on ball Twist/Side Bends/Half Roll Backs/Leg Lifts/Hula
  • Planks/Push Ups/Knee Unders/Pike Ups w/ball under thighs
  • Roll Overs/Tick Tock/Corkscrew w/ball in-between ankles
  • Roll Up/Spine Stretch/Twist/Teaser w/ball in hands

Tennis Ball:  This one is excellent for travel!  

  • Place the ball under your feet and roll out the kinks (especially in the arch).  Pause on a point and get a great calf stretch.  
  • Place the ball just under your collar bone to one side of your chest and lean against a wall or post.  Massage out your pectoral muscles to prevent rounded shoulders.

Small Weighted Hand Ball: Makes the shoulders stronger in no time!
  • Seated Scoops/Hugging/Shave/Salute
  • Rowing Series
  • Pulling Straps 1 & 2
  • Twist
For a DVD approach try: Balance Ball for Weight Loss (Gaiam)

Click here for more Pilates DVDs to add to your collection. 

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