Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Break It Down: Saw

The Saw is a way to combine Twist and Spine Stretch to help students advance during matwork.  

Purpose- wring out the lungs, work on hip stability, rotation of spine

Preps- One Lung Breathing, Feel Good Arm Circles, Spine Stretch Forward, Seated Twist, Curl Up

Form- flex feet, scoop abs, sit bones stay on the floor, lift then twist, back palm flips up, gaze at back arm, ear lowers toward the thigh, reach out fingertips, 2-4 breaths

*May not be appropriate for those with back problems such as disc injury.

Modifications- sit on a pad/stool, perform only the twist to make sure hips don't shift, bend knees if hamstrings/back is tight, bend elbows or hands on shoulders 

How to Advance- add in pulse when reaching, hold onto band behind back for resistance

Challenges- Roll Up + Saw combo

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