Thursday, February 23, 2012

Break It Down: Climb a Tree

Nothing says grace quite like Climb a Tree.  A supple spine will allow for the full extension to an elegant exercise that opens up the entire body.  

Purpose- hamstring/back flexibility, core strength, pelvic stability, extension

Preps- Roll Up, Short Box series, Leg Circles, Feet in Loops, Rolling

Form- Roll back with pelvis (do not hinge), top leg is perpendicular before you walk down thigh, keep abdominal support throughout

 *May not be appropriate or those with low back problems such as disc injury or stenosis.

Modification- practice on the mat 1st, hamstring/hip leg stretches only, roll back just halfway 

How to advance- do the full backbend into the well, add in twist of tree at top, 3-4 reps

Challenges- add in leg circles while head is in well

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