Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pilates Brain: 5 Parts of the Mind

Your mind is just as important as your body in Pilates.  They work hand in hand for the best results.  In fitness we expand the mind by improving memory and intelligence.  Our body learns new motor patterns which are than stored in our "data base" for later use.  Repetition of exercises as well as adding on new skills once those are mastered keep clients challenged.  Know the Pilates brain and your clients will progress quicker.

  1. Intelligence: acquire and apply knowledge or skills...Master the coordination of the 100 and the rest of the system falls into place
  2. Memory: how the mind stores and remembers information...Learn the order and trust yourself to know which exercise comes next, performance anxiety may occur but keep moving with the flow and it will lead you in the right direction
  3. Imagination: a creative and resourceful mind that can form new ideas or concepts...Feel the beach ball you round over in Spine Stretch, pretend you are a ball in Rolling, grow out of your seat to sit taller for Short Box, explore and play with your workouts
  4. Will/Desire: decides on and initiates action with intention...You plan and come to class on time, there is dedication in the practice with a consistent schedule, live your life with passion
  5. Intuition: to understand immediately or have the gut feeling in decision making...Trust yourself to go to your limits and be successful on and off the mat


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