Thursday, October 4, 2012

Health Advice: Brighten Up a Boring Sandwich

Q: I usually eat a sandwich for lunch at work.  That means I eat one about 5x/week!  Is there a way to make it more interesting instead of just your typical bread, meat and cheese?

A: Start first by working on the outside.  Think spinach wraps, whole grain bread, portabella mushrooms, or tortilla.  Than move onto replacing mayo with hummus, yogurt or pesto.  You will get more flavor and less calories in the spread alone.  Change up the "meat" into shrimp with quinoa, black beans, tofu, avocado, almond butter with apples, or beets.  If its a tuna or chicken salad add in some sliced almonds, dried cranberries/cherries, pine nuts, raisins, carrots or cucumber for a kick.  Finally add in an extra crunch (instead of lettuce) of radishes, sprouts, kale or pickled veggies.    


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