Monday, March 18, 2013

Break It Down: Roll Back

Struggle with the Roll Up?  Use the Cadillac to strengthen your abs and improve spinal articulation.  The Roll Back is a great introductory exercise.  It also makes for an ideal warm up for clients with sciatic issues or tight low backs.  

Purpose- stretch the back, massage the spine, strengthen the low abs

Preps- Bridge, Pre-Roll Up, Short Box Round (Reformer and High Barrel), Curl Up, Chin Nods, Standing Roll Down off wall

Form- Press gently into the bar, peel your spine down/up the mat bringing the bar with you, arms stay long, feet flexed

*May not be appropriate for those with back issues where spinal flexion is a challenge such as disc injuries or osteoporosis.

Modifications- only roll part way up/down, change hand positions on bar, reduce range, change where springs are attached on Cadillac to assist more, roll over an arc barrel

How to Advance- different variation such as adding in rows at the bottom when flat, single arm version peeling down equally 

Challenges- add in arching up/down as you roll, add in side stretch at bottom

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