Monday, March 11, 2013

Exploring the Chair

 The Pilates Chair was created for at home practice and a smaller equipment footprint.  It is a simple model of a box with springs for resistance (2-4) and sometimes handles for assistance.  The original ones functioned as a piece of workout equipment and chair for furniture for New York clients.  They are typically made from wood with a padded seat and pedal (sometimes a split pedal).

The Chair is the most advanced piece of equipment.  Exercises are done seated such as Footwork, standing on the ground such as Standing Single Leg Pumps, on the seat as in Mountain Climbers, lying down such as Jackknife and pressing only the pedal like in Washerwoman.  There is a great amount of stability and strength involved when adding this piece into your workout.  Its a great piece for athletes or to rehab knee injuries.  Workouts include single arm or leg moves that create better symmetry.  There is less support which adds an extra challenge.  Maintaining proper posture is essential. 

Types of chairs:
  • High Chair (great for beginners or for more support like during pregnancy)
  • Wunda Chair (works wonders and is the original)
  • Peak Pilates MVE Chair (good for gyms and able to stack)
  • Malibu Pilates Chair 

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