Thursday, April 18, 2013

Off the Equipment onto the Mat

Get creative!  Sometimes we have to take on new challenges and see how the body moves with less assistance.  Take some of the equipment exercises and translate them into you mat class.  Mix them in with the basics and you will see just how much the core can be tested!
  • Breathing (Teeter Totter)
    • Ribcage arms to warm up, move into chin nods or curl ups, add on hip escalator as your combo (ribcage arms with the bridge than lower into your curl up)
  • Footwork Series (add in after Roll Ups and before ab series)
    • Frogs, Parallel (pointed/flexed), Tendon Stretch (legs out to point of control while moving at ankles only)
  • Tree (advanced hamstring stretch on mat)
  • Tendon Stretch
    • Lift hips and swing behind bottom several times to find C curve
  • Stomach Massage (in place of Can-Can)
    • Flat/Arms Back, use more like a seated hamstring curl, heels press and drag along mat 
  • Backstroke
    • Add it into your ab series
  • Chest Expansion/Thigh Stretch
    • Add hand weights or use it it for posture work
  • Elephant
    • Walk ins/outs with feet or hands, prep for Push Up series
  • Knee Stretch (Knees Off)
    • Good building block for Planks
  • Pulling Straps/Breast stroke (add in with extension work)
    • One or both variations; can add small hand weights 
  • Short Box Series
    • Side-to-Side and Twist are good posture additions, use a band or pole
  • Rowing 1-4 
    • Use in place of posture work like Spine Stretch Forward or Twist; can add small hand weights for more challenge
    • Balanced Body Video 
  • Snake and Twist

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