Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Posture 103: Walking

Your posture when you walk will translate into good running posture.  Many people over-stride which can lead to injury.  Improving your form can be very beneficial.  

Think of your Pilates principles as you move.  Gaze at the horizon so your chin is parallel to the ground.  Breathe deeply.  Abs in and up.  Focus on your body alignment keeping your shoulders broad and tailbone towards the floor.  All ten toes face forward and legs are parallel like train tracks.  Push off your heel to toe to propel you forward (glutes and hamstrings activate).          

The image below goes into greater detail:

Fast walkers use these proper body mechanics to work efficiently.  Pretend your hands are holding potato chips as they swing naturally with your stride.  As you master the basics you will be able to take more steps per minute for speed.  A strong core and glutes will provide you with more power.  

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