Friday, July 5, 2013

Road to Success

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement.” -Bo Bennett

Goals are powerful once written down.  That is their birth.  They start to come to life through action.  Creating and writing goals is your first step towards success.  Make sure it is a SMART Goal.

So, what is it you really want to accomplish?  Which race will you complete, how much weight will you lose, where does your cholesterol need to be, and what size pants will you be able to fit into?  This is the nitty, gritty part.  It is the ultimate outcome you care about.     

Next find your why.  Without knowing the purpose of your goal you most likely will not succeed.  This will get you out of bed to train at 5am or help you say no to dessert when out with friends.  It can be as simple as you want to be a better role model, regain your “me” time, improve your health, or check something off your bucket list.  It is personal and that’s what makes it so important.

Sometimes its best to have several goals.  A race goal might look something like this:

  1. Finish/complete half marathon (best for 1st time racers, when doing a new course, or having fun)
  2. Complete half marathon in under 3 hours (realistic time)
  3. Complete half marathon in top 10 of my age group (more challenging depending on fitness ability level or if going for an extra award)
This allows you to feel success from completing at least two of your top race goals.  The third would be "icing on the cake".  Life does happen though.  An injury may arise or weather conditions are a challenge.  Always set your top goal to show up and finish your race.      

Post your goal(s) somewhere you will see it daily such as beside your bed, on a mirror, inside your wallet, on a binder, or in your car.  The more you see it and read it the more it will be on your mind.  This daily reminder will help you put your thoughts into action.

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