Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Health Advice: Spice It Up

Q: I recently planted an herb garden.  I also have an extensive spice rack at home but could use some help knowing when to add what to my cooking.  What do you suggest?

A: Looking to spice up your life?  No problem! 

Spices are great additions to food because they tend to be low in calories, high in antioxidants, and contain healthy minerals our bodies need to function.   
Cinnamon (helps lower blood pressure) goes well in yogurt, on oatmeal or in smoothies as an anti-inflammatory.  Basil goes well with lime when cooking Tilapia or layered in a sandwich.  You can add mint leaves and cucumber to your water distiller for fancy spa like H2O. Dried red pepper flakes goes well in Thai dishes, pizza or with pasta.  

Nutmeg is a wonderful addition to pies, rice pudding, pumpkin bread/muffins, or sprinkled on sweet potatoes.  Add some garlic into your tomato sauce, burgers or stir-fry.  Ginger is a good stand alone to eat with sushi and makes a light salad dressing.

For recipe ideas click here.

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