Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bosu Cardio Circuit

Work your core deeper with an unstable surface such as the Bosu.  Below is a Bosu workout with cardio intervals* (1-2 minutes each) tucked in for an extra challenge.  To make things interesting build in 2-3 circuits depending on strength and workout time available (10-15 minutes for one circuit).  

  1. Single Leg Squat (one foot on Bosu, arms can swing forward)
  2. Squat on top of Bosu 
    1. Add a hop/jump for extra challenge and more cardio
  3. *Lateral Step Overs
  4. Walking Planks (on round part like picture to side)
  5. Push Up w/alternating Leg Lifts (flat side)
    1. On knees to modify
  6. *Mountain Climbers (flipped over like picture above)
  7. Crunch to Standing/Get Ups 
    1. Crunches only to modify
  8. Side Planks (elbow/hand on round)
    1. Hip dips for challenge or top leg lifts into a Superstar hold
  9. *Burpee (see picture below)

To learn the Bosu basics click here.


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