Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bosu Basics

What is the Bosu?  How does it work?  This half stability ball is perfect for balance, strength and getting your heart rate up.  Train your brain and make your life your playground!  Learn the basics about an intelligent piece of fitness equipment:  
How do you pronounce it?
"Bo" like the boy's name and "Sue" like the girl's name; an acronym for "Both Sides Up" 

Who invented it?
David Weck in 2000
Famous names who use it:
Lance Armstrong, Olympic Freestyle Skier Shannon Bahrke, MLB player Evan Longoria

Who should use it?
Everyone! This tool is great for working on balance training.  Athletes find it helpful for aerobic activity or drills.  It can also be added to a Bootcamp with hand weights, Pilates or TRX class for a challenge.  You will use your core no matter what because of the unstable surface.

What exercises can you do on it?
·                     Basic squats or lunges for stability 
·                     Jumps to up the intensity
·                     Step class moves/athletic drills 
·                     Push ups (either side)
·                     Crunches/abs
·                     Kneeling leg work

Principles of Bosu:
1.             Balance left and right sides of the body
2.             Time efficient for the body to load and explode with power

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