Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Foam Roll Me

Ah, the foam roll! This is one you may love so much you'll need a few for your home and studio. Once most of my clients have been on the foam roll they request to use it again in their next session. Foam rolls are known to assist in balance work and stretching.

I begin teaching my clients to lie on the foam roll (tailbone to crown of the head supported) with bent knees for fundamentals such as Puppet Arms, Curl Ups or Knee Folds. This allows you to quickly find your core to help balance while doing your usual warm ups. You can than progress from there by adding in extension work such as Shoulder Shrugs or Swan. Use it for Side Bends for a more satisfying stretch on the mat or even place it under your feet for an extra challenge in Plank Push Ups.

This prop is sure to be a new favorite to add to your mat class or as a final stretch at home after your work day is complete.

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