Friday, October 23, 2009

Visible Progress

In a workout rut? Think you have hit the Pilates plateau? Here's some tips to get you back to feeling refreshed and renewed:

Set Goals

I find that clients I teach who have goals are more likely to stick to their workouts and notice each improvement they make along the way. Do you want to fit into an old pair of jeans? Drop a dress size for an event coming up such as a wedding or holiday party? Want the flexibility to be able to bend down and touch your toes? Looking for better posture? These are all important questions to ask yourself. Once you define a few goals you will be able to "measure" your progress. Make sure you reward yourself for each goal you reach to ensure your continued motivation. Buy yourself a new workout top or get a manicure as a special treat. Be proud of your commitment to improving your health by sticking to your workout plan.

Get Feedback
Ask your instructor. He/she will remind you of that first day you walked in and had trouble with the Roll Up or were unable to touch your toes. Look at old photos to see the results in your posture or strength. Friends and family members may also comment on your progress. You may find that your running speed increases due to your improved lung capacity or you are able to progress to 100s with your legs extended. These are all points of improvement no matter how small.

Switch it Up
When all else fails, switch it up! Try a session with a different instructor or studio. You just might find a new perspective on a familiar exercise or modification that fits you best. Change your routine to 3 days a week instead of only 2 for a challenge. Fit in a weekend morning session to "trick" your body into burning more calories throughout the day. Jump into a group class instead of only taking privates to keep your body guessing. Ask to use other equipment during your session so your mind can lean new things. Do a workout a week at home focusing on a few exercises from your lessons to improve upon. No matter what you chose you can find a creative approach to changing up your routine and challenging your core!

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