Thursday, October 1, 2009

Frightful Fears

Trying something new like Pilates can be scary. Even if you are currently doing Pilates you may have fears occasionally such as how you will afford it or if a group class is right for you. I will help tackle some of those fears we all have experienced.

  1. I looked at the prices and I can't afford to do Pilates. I understand your concern. Pilates is a little more expensive than other forms of exercise. One nice thing to keep in mind if that there are a variety of ways to learn that can fit any budget. For example, you could take both a private session and a group class (mat or reformer) once a week. That way you get personal attention and the reduced rates of group sessions. Your instructor could also suggest a DVD you can do at home to complement your studio sessions. If you travel take advantage of discounted sessions to new clients at studios along the way. You will save and get a fresh perspective from a different instructor. Some locations also offer a discount with package pricing of classes or perks through referrals. Don't be afraid to chat with the front desk to find a schedule you can afford. After all, Pilates improves overall health and that is worth investing your time and money into for the long run.
  2. Pilates is a fad and overtime I'll get bored with my workouts. We have all been there. We try a new form to exercise we thought we'd stick to only to find out its repetitive and the body plateaus. After over 5 years experience I can honestly say I'm not bored with Pilates and I continue to see results in my body. With over 500 exercises and several pieces of equiptment, Pilates will challenge you. Each exercise can be modified which adds another layer such as Hundreds with your legs in shelf, out to your point of control or with a Magic Circle. You will be amazed how your body and transforms.
  3. I'm nervous to move beyond private sessions because I'll hold up the class. I hear this one more than you would think. Never fear! Most location offer group sessions limited in size from 3-7 people to ensure the instructor can still provide personal attention. Your instructor is there to ensure you have a workout geared toward your ability level. Certain locations will target groups such as golfers or runners with classes that enhance your hobbies. Others have Pilates by age group such as teens or seniors. Taking a class allows you to meet fellow Pilates enthusiasts and future friends. Group sessions also cost less to open up funds that may let you fit another session a week into your budget.
Now that we have tackeled our fears I think its safe to say that Pilates is a challenging yet affordable exercise.

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