Thursday, February 17, 2011

Break It Down: Rowing 1

Rowing 1 is the foundation of the rowing sequence.  In place of or advancing off of Pulling Straps this exercise will test your body's range of motion and control.  

Purpose- shoulder rotation, core stability, posture, grace with coming in and out of tension, hamstring flexibility 

Preps- Roll Up, Short Box series, Feel Good Arm Circles, Chest Expansion, Half Roll Backs, Spine Stretch, Pulling Straps

Form- Seated position facing away from the footbar with legs extended long and fists together in front of chest. Round back halfway, pause, open your arms wide to the side than dive forward nose to knees as you sweep the palms to the small of the back.  Butterfly circle the arms overhead to touch the toes before stacking back tall to the starting position

Modifications- perform only arms (posture work such as chest expansion, muscle man, bicep curls), perform only half roll back, do not use tension, use only 1-3 lb hand weights

How to Advance- Move smoothly through 3-4 rounds without allowing the reformer to make any noise

Challenges- Combine the sequence with all 4 rowing exercises back to back (3-4 rounds each)

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