Saturday, February 26, 2011

Break It Down: Breathing

A common warm up on the Cadillac/Tower, Breathing is an exercise that challenges the body to work as a whole.  You can also do this one on the mat with bent knees and press arms like resisting through water.  Let's break down this exercise:

Purpose- integrate the body to work as a unit to build coordination in moving separate and together

Preps- Hip Escalator, Lat Pulls, Chest Expansion

Form- lift from the pelvis, feet in V in sling of trapeze, wrists slightly forward to keep long in the arm

Modifications- knees bent on mat or arc, lower/lift only hips or arms individually

How to Advance- lift hips and press arms together, hold for a few breaths at the top

Challenge- hold in bridge while pressing the arms only, add Circle with knees bent (can extend one leg out from hip for more stability work)

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