Monday, May 23, 2011

Field Trip: Zumba

Recently I had a day off and tried out Zumba.  I've walked by these lively classes before, seen the smiles on the students faces and decided it was now time for me to try out this form of cardio.  Created in 2001, this Latin-inspired dance-fitness program provides you hours of fun while you "party" to your favorite tunes.  In 2010, Zumba expanded into your home by being available in a fitness video game through Wii, XBox, and the PS3.

First off, the instructor really made the class.  She was all smiles and full of energy throughout.  Most of the songs were familiar tunes from the radio.  The instructor taught you to move either low impact or add in more jumping to increase your heart rate.  The moves became repetitive over time so it was easy to follow along.  I couldn't believe how fast the hour flew by and I was drenched in sweat.  I'd highly recommend this fun form of burning calories to any age or ability.  You will get fit and work your brain from dancing.  

Also there is Zumba Toning (uses small hand weights to sculpt while dancing) and Aqua Zumba.  Move to the music and feel the beat.  Try Zumba today and really enjoy your workout! 

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