Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Standing Leg Work

We stand for a majority of our lives yet most of Pilates is on the floor.  It's important for balance and coordination that more functional movements are brought into Pilates.  Standing leg work is a must and will add a challenge for your advanced clients.  Posture starts at the feet, so creating a strong base of support will help align the rest of the body.

Don't have a ballet bar or a chair for stability?  Place hands against a wall to help clients balance.


  • Standing leg presses with  magic circle at knees/ankles
  • Piles + heel lifts + pulses
  • Knee lifts front/side (think like knee folds)
  • Hip opener press back/side
  • Calf raises (parallel, Pilates V, inwardly rotated)
  • Frog squats
  • Squats w/ball + squeezes
  • Rom de jam (half circles)
  • Side kicks (make sure pelvis stays neutral)
  • Knee lift + leg extension

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  1. I bought this DVD along with the Stronger Seniors Yoga for my mother, who is neither a senior or immobile, but healing from a major surgery to her abdomen due to a cancerous tumor. Seeing a once very active women sitting on the couch killed me. These DVD's have got her active again and has allowed her to heal at the same time. There is accommodations for all levels of ability, and you can choose a long workout or a basic one. It also seems she has more energy and is happier, which is very important to the healing process. I found that I got a good workout as well. These DVD's are great and I recommend them for anyone.