Friday, May 6, 2011

Man Behind the Method: Mr. Pilates

Let's get to know the man behind the method: 
Joseph H. Pilates

Born: 1883 in Germany

Fun Fact: Father's family originally spelled its surname in Greek manner as "Pilatu" but changed to "Pilates" upon immigration to Germany

Hobbies/Sports: gymnastics, diving, bodybuilding, professional boxer, circus performer, self-defense trainer at police schools, skiing, yoga, qigong, inventing

When Pilates (Contrology) began: around 1918 during WWI

Met wife Clara: 1925 when he migrated to the United States, opened a studio together

Famous Clients: dancers such as George Balanchie and Martha Graham

Patents: 26

Died: 1967 at 83 in New York

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