Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Break It Down: Single Leg Circles

Nothing will loosen up your hips and prepare you for the rest of your mat session quite like Single Leg Circles.  This may seem like a simple exercise, yet keep in mind you are working more torso stability than hip mobility.

Purpose- lubricate hip socket, stretch hamstrings/low back, stability of torso, improve range of motion

Preps- Hamstring/Leg Stretches, Feet in Straps on Reformer, Leg Circles on Cadillac, Knee Stirs

Form- stabilize & (if possible) lengthen bottom leg, stabilize the pelvis with core (no rocking from side to side), increase range of motion with each repetition

*May not be appropriate for those with very tight hamstrings or painful/popping hips.

Modifications- use rope/band to assist with movement, bend the working or stabilizing leg if hamstrings are tight, decrease range of motion to prevent pain

How to Advance- increase range of motion, circle both legs together

Challenges- curl up upper body & hold while you circle, lift bottom leg off ground

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