Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Descriptive Cues

Cues are essential when teaching any type of fitness class.  What you say can have an effect on how the entire class moves.  Try to keep you cues simple yet descriptive.  Images are usually most helpful to provide a visual for your clients.  Here are some common cues in Pilates with variations to use:

"Navel to spine" (Scoop)

  • Pull on a pair of jeans that are too tight
  • Rest a brick on your belly
  • Feel like someone's hugging you down to the floor/mat
  • Narrow side to side and front to back
"Shoulders down"
  • Engage your lats
  • Reach your shoulders down to your back hip pockets
  • Squeeze your bra straps together
  • Grow up through your head/neck
"Articulate/move bone by bone"
  • Peel off like wall paper
  • Move like a strand of pearls/bike chain
  • Melt through your spine
  • Massage your spine
"Squeeze your thighs"
  • Pull everything into your center
  • Hold your magnets together (legs)
  • No dead air/daylight
  • Pretend there's a zipper attaching your heels to navel (low abs)

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