Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Silver Pilates

Pilates for the aging population is a bit complex.  Training I've had through the Stott program stresses functional movement.  This is a category of people who want to stay as independent as possible.  They want to be able to move with ease when reaching for groceries out of the cabinet, walking up stairs and bending over to tie their shoes.  Pilates can assist with keeping their flexibility, strength and balance.

Make sure you extend the warm up when teaching classes for a group of older adults.  Also avoid having to change positions often.  Focus on using a lighter resistance in a smaller range of motion.  This will work more on core stability and balance which are key to optium function.

Also keep in mind most older adults have several injuries and their bones become brittle.  Try not to choose exercises which are weight bearing on the wrists or include flexion of the spine.  This will ensure you protect delicate areas of their body.  Below are some suggested exercises to include in your program.


  • Footwork on Jumpboard (no jumping): Feet Flat, High Half Toe, Train (similar to lower/lift), Single Leg
  • Puppet arms, Scissors, Shoulder Mobilization
  • Spread Eagle (Cat/Cow or Hammock)
  • Scooter/Eve's Lunge
  • Breast Stroke Preps on Long Box (Scapula Shrugs, Mini Swan, Arm Presses)
  • Magic Circle (thigh squeezes, posture work, side bends, balance lifts on toes)

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