Sunday, October 9, 2011

Break It Down: Stomach Massage

Stomach Massage is anything but a "massage".  This exercise is an advanced way of doing a posture series of Short Box on the Reformer.  Find your rhythm and work your deep abs in this intense series.    

Purpose- cleanse the internal organs, increases coordination, work posture

Preps- Cat/Cow, Rolling like a Ball, Footwork, Short Box series

Form- keep leg alignment (hip, knee, toes), lats engaged, abs resist springs on return in, can add lower/lift with toes when out long for challenge

Different versions: Round, Flat, Arms Up, Twist, Single Leg

Modifications- can put small pad under bottom if hips are tight, lower footbar, hands can stay on Reformer for assistance or tight shoulders 

*May not be appropriate for those with hip replacements or disc injuries that have trouble flexing their spine

How to Advance- add in Twist, less springs to ensure more stability in waist, magic circle in palms (Arms Up, Twist, Single Leg)

Challenges- Single Leg version, increase tempo

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