Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eat Right, Feel Great!

Take a look at your nutrition and chances are small changes can make a world of difference.  The foods you eat effect your mood, how your body recovers from workouts, and how much energy you have to make it through the day.  Here are some food choices to help you look great in no time:
1.             Salmon: High levels of vitamin D can help increase muscular strength.  The omega-3 fatty acids also are great for your heart.  Try: Baked Salmon
2.             Cherry Juice:  Prevent inflammation by using this as your recovery beverage.  This antioxidant-rich choice is great to drink alone or add to smoothies.  Too expensive?  Try berry or grape juice instead.  Just make sure it says 100% on the label. 
3.             Sweet Potatoes: Plenty of vitamin A and C make this a good root vegetable. It will fill you up with fiber while giving you the much needed carbs you crave.  Known to help stabilize blood sugar levels.  Try: Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole  
4.             Greek Yogurt: Get your calcium fix along with important protein to repair muscles.  Eat alone, mix it up in a party dip or use it as a topping on your burger.  Versatile and yummy!

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