Monday, September 24, 2012

Break It Down: Boomerang

The Boomerang is a mat exercise well worth adding in once you are more advanced.  It is a combo move that will test balance and coordination.  Use it in place of Teaser or as an advanced version of Rolling.    

Purpose- Rid the body of toxins, massage the spine, hamstring/back/shoulder flexibility

Preps- Roll Up, Roll Over, Rowing, Rolling, Open Leg Rocker, Teaser, Hamstring stretch

Form- Stay in flexion with legs piked, Roll back first than switch crossed ankles, unroll into Teaser than add butterfly arms stretching to toes, no weight on the head and neck when rolling backward

*Avoid if you have low back or neck problems, are pregnant, have glaucoma, or high blood pressure.

Modify- Leave out the shoulder stretch or Teaser balance, spot client be bracing their feet against your thighs and assisting at their arms

How to Advance- add in a pause once in Teaser, try to touch fingertips behind back, use less momentum

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