Thursday, December 6, 2012

Break It Down: Monkey

Feel graceful and elegant in the Cadillac version of Monkey.  Flexibility if a must when it comes to achieving this cool down exercise.

Photo by Jonathan Ment, 
used by permission of Rhinebeck Pilates.

Purpose- stretches back/hamstrings

Preps- Open Leg Rocker, Tendon Stretch, Tree, Roll Up

Form- nose to knees, relaxed shoulders, stay heavy in your bones, hands and feet securely on bar (teachers should spot), head hangs off mat before you begin

*Avoid if you have low back issues such as disc injuries, sciatica, or osteoporosis.  Might be too compact of a position for most men.

Modify- don't straighten legs fully

How to Advance- add point/flex of toes at top, pull chest to ankles to get deeper

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