Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pilates for Scoliosis

We all live with some form of imbalances.  At times these may be more evident than others.  Pilates works wonders to make the body as symmetrical as possible.  To help explore this concept deeper, Brett Howard from the USPA came into town and hosted a Scoliosis workshop at Core Sport Pilates and Fitness Studio.  

Creating a strong core and good posture practice will help the client feel stable no matter their body type.  All good programs should include lateral flexion, rotation and flexion (as long as there isn't a rod or fusion of the spine).  Stretch and strengthen the weaker side to create more symmetry.  Below are some ways to enhance the current Pilates repertoire:

  • Lying Single Knee Sways: hands under bottom to ensure pelvis doesn't shift (great to add in prior to One Leg Circles)
  • Knee Stretch (Round/Flat): one arm comes to small of back or hugs waist to bring the focus to the center and more stability
  • Roll Back w/one arm on Cadillac
  • Chest Expansion w/one arm on Cadillac: other hand comes behind head or reaches up to the ceiling
  • Footwork/Running: balance a bar on hips for stability
  • Chair Seated/Kneeling Side Bends
  • Crossed Lateral Single Leg Springs on Cadillac: use the opposite spring for bend/press, lower/lifts, a combo of the two and scissors with only one leg
Read Curves, Twists and Bends to learn more about scoliosis and helpful exercises to correct muscle imbalances.

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  1. Pilates for Scoliosis can be a lot of help for many individuals who are experiencing some imbalancement within their body. This can even motivate them to workout their body more and see the many benefits it can bring.