Thursday, May 30, 2013

Break It Down: Roll Over

As Joe demos in the picture below, the Roll Over in the Matwork is anything but simple.  This exercise is all about control and not necessary about "flopping" your legs overhead.  Master this one and you are ready for the more advanced exercises.  

Purpose- massage the spine, lubricate the joints, lengthens the spine/hamstrings, opens the chest, inversion

Preps- Rolling, Short Spine Massage, Roll Up, Bridge, Seal, Hamstring Stretches

Form- Hollow abs, peel off from tailbone, legs straight as you roll over as one piece, weight transfers into shoulder blades and not neck

*May not be appropriate for those with low back problems (disc issues, osteoporosis, fusions) or those with neck pain.

Modifications- Pads under the shoulders, hold onto wood rods with a raised mat, hands under hips and Hip Lift part only, spot clients at their feet to assist in overhead section 

How to Advance- Add in legs open/close and point/flex with feet, Magic circle/ball in ankles

Challenges- Mix in a Jackknife or advance to Boomerang

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